Arabic declared main language for Customer Care Services in Dubai

Arabic has been declared as the main working language which will be fully implemented by the beginning of 2017. Arabic language will be trumping as the main language on other customer services including menu cards, Customer Support facilities, apart from call centers located in Dubai.
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With the news making it to the headlines, according to a new initiative launched by the Commercial Compliance & Consumer Protection (CCCP) at the Department of Economic Development (DED), every type of commercial establishment should be using Arabic while issuing invoices and receipts, and call centers.
The decision also aims at flourishing Arabic as the mandatory language across menu cards, price tags and invoices, with the addition of of another language as preferred by the Business Owner.
The plan is to have Arabic implemented in the invoices before the beginning of 2017, when the CCCP will start supervising the operations including the transition.
Mohammad Ali Rashed Lootah, CCCP executive director, said: “The Department of Economic Development is committed to preserving the Arabic language and its position in the society, as well as to protecting consumer rights and the integrity of purchases. Consumers who don’t know English also should be able to read and understand what is written on the invoices they receive.
“According to statistics available and studies we conducted, a large segment of consumers in Dubai belong to the GCC and other Arab states. Hence, it’s important to provide information and services in Arabic language, particularly while receiving enquiries and complaints and in after-sales services provided through call centres,” he said.
It seems like the rise of Arabic as the mandatory business language in Dubai makes it beneficial by leaps for someone hailing from a different nationality and knowing Arabic at the same time, looking out for business and trading prospects, much easier than it would have been otherwise.
Lootah has also asked all traders and major out retailers to co-operate with the implementation of the new initiative.