Australian women snatched by crocodile during night swim, feared dead

An Australian woman was attacked by a crocodile at Daintree National Park. Witnesses heard the woman yell "a croc's got me". It is feared that the woman is dead after the crocodile attack; authorities are investigating.

Australian women snatched by crocodile during night swim, feared dead

Australia: A woman is feared dead after a crocodile attack in Australia's Daintree National Park during night swim.The 46-year-old Australian was reportedly swimming with a friend on Sunday evening at Thornton Beach near Cairns in northern Queensland state. She was waist-deep in water when she was attacked, media reports said.

The women, both aged in their 40s, went for a stroll on Thornton Beach Sunday evening in the far north of Queensland state before making a fateful decision to go for a dip in an area known to be infested with crocodiles.The police reported that the woman was swimming with a female friend, also in her 40s, at 10.30pm when the incident occurred.

Senior Constable Russell Parker added that the women, believed to be Australian tourists visiting the area, were in the water when one of them was grabbed, with her friend desperately trying to drag her to safety.

He told to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation that they decided to take a swim in the ocean just in waist-deep water and at that point, we believe that a crocodile has taken one of the women, taken hold of her. Her friend tried valiantly to drag her to the shore but unfortunately wasn't able to do so and the woman subsequently disappeared, he added. Then her friend raised the alarm with a nearby business and they subsequently contacted the police.

A rescue helicopter was sent up with thermal imaging equipment but was unable to find her.Parker added that the surviving woman was very, very shaken and shocked but appeared to have escaped with only grazes.

Crocodiles are common in Australia's tropical north and they kill an average of two people each year.Crocodile numbers have increased since the introduction of protection laws in 1971, with estimates putting the Northern Territory's population in the wild at about 100,000.

We would hold grave fears for the welfare of the woman,police spokesman Russell Parker said.

Nine News reported that witnesses heard the woman yell: "A croc's got me, a croc's got me."