'Babe, stop!', new cheesy intimate snapchat video of Kim kardashian is out

KK knows the trick!

Kim baby did a carpet bombing again. KK, The main attention seeking celebrity in social media shared a bedroom snap chat video with her husband Kenye west. And in that she talked about 'viral pregnancy' test

It's a sight we never thought we'd see.

Kim Kardashian was sleepless in London on Friday night after jetting to the British capital from Los Angeles.

So naturally she picked up her smartphone and began Snapchatting live with her millions of followers as her husband Kanye West lay in bed beside her.

As he cuddles up to her, Kim keeps losing track of what she's saying, before starting all over again.

It's four in the morning and I am so tired and I can't fall asleep," she begins.

"Babe, stop!" She continues, as Kanye's hand appears.

She tried to show of a calm act with her hubby and started talking in husky tone.

"This always happens to me in London. This is so unfair," Kim eventually says.

Some days back she did another viral move by doing pregnancy test in flight. and in this new video she gave an excuse for that and made it clear for her so called fan followers.

The reality star kept her fans in the loop as she shared of her taking a test while on a flight out of Los Angeles on Thursday.

The first image featured six pregnancy tests in three different packs with a banner across which read: "Panic attack."

These acts of Kim are no new in social media, she always used these kinda tricks to grab more attention and make her fame more. She became a mainstream celebrity after she released her sex tape with her former boyfriend. The gossips about all these became viral and people started doing it.

She is a self procliamed 'body politics activist' and people have no clue about what she meant by that term by seeing her actions.

Any ways Kim have enough fans and business ventures now and she will be staying as a centre of attraction with all these self boosting.