Barack declares "Obama Out" at White House Dinner

US President Barack Obama's performance at the White House press corps dinner shows why the adulation for him hasn't dimmed a bit after eight years. He is perhaps the first incumbent of the White House to have premiered a video on what would be life after presidency.

Barack declares "Obama Out" at White House Dinner


US President Barack Obama came closer to breaking the internet on Sunday. His address to the White House Correspondents (WHC) gala dinner on Saturday night was punctuated with one liners. But more than his humorous speech, his closing lines have gone viral on the internet. "And with that I just have two more words to say: "Obama Out," the president said before dropping the mike in style and walking away.

The WHC dinner which brings together journalists, media barons, celebrities and Hollywood actors is a high profile event in Washington DC's social calendar. Obama had in one of the earlier dinners joked that "it is a night when Washington celebrates itself."

He started his speech by apologizing for coming in late. He said it was because he was going by CPT (Coloured People's Time).

Introspecting on his seven years of his presidency, Obama said his approval ratings were very high now. He said the last time it was this high was when he was deciding on his major, in an apparent reference to smoking weed in college.

He also thanked Vice President Joe Biden and his wife Michelle. He said the first lady has not aged, a day. And the only way any one could guess her age in a photograph was by looking at him.

Now that he is winding down his presidency, even the Republicans don't accept his authority or even take his phone calls, Obama complained. He said he has not only become a lame duck at home, but his influence has waned internationally too, recalling how Prince George had met him in a bath robe, during his recent trip to the UK. Obama said it was like a slap in the face.

He did not spare any one of the presidential hopefuls in the speech, including Hillary Clinton. His remarks on Donald Trump were often punctuated by loud laughter and applause from the 2500 diners who had assembled in the ball room of one of the capital's toniest hotel.

Obama said one cannot doubt Trump's credentials in foreign affairs. He said the Republican forerunner has vast experience meeting leaders from around the world-Miss Azerbaijan, Miss Sweden, Miss Argentina-evoking peals of laughter.

After several pokes at the real estate billionaire, Obama said "that's probably enough.

Watch the full speech here