Big B applauds Randeep Hooda's performance in "Sarbjit", sends him hand written apppreciation

With the release of "Sarbjit" on the 20th of May, it seems to be receiving a lot of mixed reviews and opinions by the audience and critics, but someone who really admired the movie is none other than our very own Big B, Amitabh Bachchan. He appreciated the performance of Randeep Hooda who is playing the role of Sarbjit Singh in the biopic to such an extent, he went ahead by sending a hand written letter of appreciation to Randeep Hooda.

Big B applauds Randeep Hooda

One of the biggest highlights of the biopic "Sarbjit" is undoubtedly, the input Randeep Hooda has put in his external appearance while playing the role of Sarbjit. Randeep Hooda had to lose 18 kgs in just 28 days for his role. This makeover took everyone by shock on social media. At a trailer launch the actor had said that the film has affected him tremendously after he came to know what Sarabjit Singh actually went through during his days in Pakistan.

Well it is pretty evident, how Randeep Hooda went for a complete transformation in his looks as it was seen in posts by him on his social media handles and at the same time it reflects how true and loyal he is to his roles that he believes in altering his looks according to the content and sketch of the character.

With the release of the movie on the 20th of May, the reaction coming for the movie is pretty mixed but a performance pulled off by Randeep Hooda marks its own league in the movie which made Amitabh Bachchan to personally admire it by a gesture of sending Hooda a hand written note.

The note goes,
"I had always admired your talent, but after watching you in "Sarabjit" last night, I couldn't resist writing to you, and expressing my immense admiration for your work in the film.
May you continue to prosper and may you give us many more occasions to applaud you and your tremendous talent."

Well, it seems Randeep Hooda has made it to Big B's likeness by the role that he has pulled off in "Sarbjit" and leaving a visible mark among the performances witnessed by Bollywood.