Billboard Awards performance prizes standing ovation to Kesha

Kesh receives a standing ovation for her emotional Bob Dylan song at Billboard Music Awards 2016

Billboard Awards performance prizes standing ovation to Kesha

Singer Kesha received a standing ovation following her emotional rendition of Bob Dylan's "It aint me babe" at the Billboard Music Awards 2016 here.

The 29-year-old, who last week was refused permission to sing at the ceremony because of her ongoing dispute with Dr Luke, sang Dylan's 1964 hit at the T-Mobile Arena on Sunday along with a violinist and pianist and was

Following her performance, Kesha took to her Instagram to thank fans and said: "I'm so grateful for tonight and for the Billboard Music Awards for allowing me to sing. It's my form of prayer. It is my therapy. It literally reaches the untouched corners of my soul. Thank you for having me."

"I have so much gratitude. Thank you so f*****g much to my fans I have you to thank for tonight. Thank you for having my back in a way no one ever has before. Ugh, so emotional... Love you," she added.

The "Tik Tok" hitmaker was axed from the event earlier this week when Luke's Kemosabe label which she was prevented from leaving earlier this year despite her allegations that she was abused by the producer withdrew their permission for her to sing.

However, the record company restored approval after gaining "reassurance" there would be no mention of the court battle.