Exit Polls: Kerala and Assam to have new governments, TMC to retain Bengal

While Mamata is set to retain West Bengal BJP is likely to end 15 year Congress rule in Assam.

Exit Polls: Kerala and Assam to have new governments,  TMC to retain Bengal

Kerala, Tamil Nadu, and Assam will see the incumbent parties losing power according to various exit poll results unveiled by television networks on Monday evening.

Tamil Nadu

In Tamil Nadu, the exit poll conducted by the News Nation says AIADMK will lose power while  DMK-Cong alliance will come back to power. Karunanidhi's DMK is expected to win 114 to 118 seats while ruling AIADMK will be reduced to 95-99 seats. BJP will get four seats according to this exit poll.

India Today exit poll DMK -Congress will come back to power with 124-140 seats while the ruling ADMK will be reduced to 89-101 seats

But C voter says AIADMK will duck the anti- incumbency and will the first government after MG Ramachandran to retain power after five years rule. According to them ADMK will get 139 seats while DMK will be confined to 78 seats


Kerala will stick to its practice of rotating governments in five years, according to India Today exit poll.

CPI(M) led Left Democratic Front is tipped to get get 88-101 seats in 140 member Assembly. Congress led UDF will be reduced to somewhere between 38 to 48 seats.  BJP could open its account with a chance of winning 0-3 seats.

C voter exit poll predicts LDF will return to power with 74-82 seats. UDF will get 54-62 seats. BJP is to open its account with 1-4 seats.

The television channels started analysing the exit poll results, as polling concluded in three states on Monday.

According to the C -Voter exit poll LDF will return to power 78 seats with UDF will get 58 seats. BJP  may get up to two seats.

West Bengal

Most channels are unanimous that Mamata Banerjee's Trinamool Congress (TMC) is going to retain power in West Bengal.

ABP Ananda  exit poll shows TMC will get 178 seats  while the Left Front-Congress alliance will have to be satisfied with 110 seats in the 294 member assembly.

According to another survey by C-Voter, TMC will continue to rule West Bengal with 167 seats. It gave the Left Front 75 seats with their alliance partner Congress winning 45 seats. BJP will have to be satisfied with 4 seats, C-Voter says.

According to India Today TV channel, TMC will increase its seat share and will get between 233 and 253 seats. Left will be reduced to somewhere 38-51.

In the last election TMC won 187 seats and the Left parties won 103 seats

India  Today exit poll also predicted that BJP will come to power in Assam ending 15 year Congress rule

More exit polls are expected