Body language of power or 'power' of social media?

Hello too judgemental twitteratis, How are you today?

Body language of power or

Twitter fights are not at all a new news. They fight for justice, fight for injustice, fight for everything that they saw in internet. And when it go out of hand, they always showed the audacity to show apology as well.

So here the target is Dr Jagdish Sonkar IAS, of 2013 batch Chhattisgarh officer, and a photograph showed him standing and talking to a hospitalized child’s mother with his left foot resting on the steel rail of the hospital bed.

This gave a burn to twitteratis and they lashed on him with arrogance.

Lets check out what this IAS handle tweeted about it

And then this

Some people came up for defending the officer by posting some other photos.