Certificates of PM Modi shown by Amit Shah are forged: Ashutosh

AAP leader Ashutosh alleges that the degree certificates shown by Amit Shah are forged, highlighting several discrepancies in the documents

Certificates of PM Modi shown by Amit Shah are forged: Ashutosh

Aam Aadmi party has hit back moments after BJP president Amit Shah and Union finance minister Arun Jaitley had shown the degree certificates of PM Modi . AAP leader Ashutosh Gupta alleged that the certificates shown by Shah were forged, in a swift counter press meet conducted in Delhi.

Ashutosh has pointed out many discrepancies in the documents exhibited by Shah.

" In his degree mark list, his name is written as 'Narendra Kumar Damoder Das Modi' and it is 'Narendra Damoder Das Modi' in the MA certificate," Ashutosh accused.

" Neither Amit Shah nor Arun Jaitley is a God that the country will believe their lie," he added.

He said that Modi's name is written in different ways in different documents of his qualification, which proves that the documents are fake or forged.

Ashutosh has also mentioned the disparities seen in the 'year data' shown in different certificates and mark lists. BA mark sheet of the PM was issued in the year 1977 while his degree certificate mentions the year of passing as 1978. Another incongruity is that the year of convocation is written as 1979 while the certificate has been issued in 1978.

Ashutosh asked Amit Shah and Arun Jaitley to apologize before the people for showing a forged degree certificate of the Prime Minister.