Check out the advanced features of new Retina MacBook Pro 2016

You can't compare a Retina Macbook Pro with pretty much any other computer on the market today. Period!

Check out the advanced features of new Retina MacBook Pro 2016

The Retina display is SO MUCH nicer than any other screen . Looking at it 8-10 hours a day makes a big difference. When you switch back to another brand PC you will find myself messing with the brightness/contrast until you realize it's just not going to look like a Retina display.

The Keyboard: Gotta love the crispness! So responsive and and comfortable, especially when you spend 8+ hours a day coding or writing papers.

The Trackpad: This little wonder makes me burst into tears of joy when I first started using my Mac Pro. It could well be because Lenovo did a horrible, horrible job with U410's trackpad, but anyways, this is the first laptop/desktop for which I did not feel the need for a mouse. Zoom, select, change desktops, scroll, click without actually "clicking", the trackpad does it all, like a dream.

They invented the unibody construction. You take a slab of aluminum and drill it until it becomes the shape of the computer. No one even bothered to do this before. Now, the best PCs are starting to catch up. They have been doing this since 2009.

Have a look at their care to detail. Have you seen the transparent aluminum that indicates when the computer is sleeping, or the battery charge? Yes, you don't see that in any other. Why? Because it costs them to do so. Other companies cheap out.

Historically, Mac OS offered great value out of the box. You get a professional Office suite (the new ones are not as good as the previous versions, but they are getting better again), whereas MS Office used to cost hundreds of dollars on the shop.

Most aspects of use are just...better. Not night and day better, but better. The keyboard is crisp, the multi-touch pad makes lots of little tasks much easier, the OS is, to me, more responsive and intuitive than Windows.
Because of the multi-touch pad, You don't need a mouse anymore, this makes it easier to just pick and work on a park bench, or a coffee shop, or a subway.
The battery lasts a good 8-10 hours. If you are leaving for meetings that will only be 4-6 hours, you don't even need to bring a power adapter. Just throw it in your bag and go.
Better security - You may need to pay for malware protection on your other PC, still had to run tools like malwarebytes from time-to-time. and they almost always found something to remove.

On/Off time is ridiculously faster than on a Windows laptop. You can start up my Macbook from cold, login, open Gmail and send a message before any other PC
Able to perform an entire OS upgrade via the same process as a Windows update: Apple released Yosemite (OSX 10.10)


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