Check out this most interesting factors about American Pie series

"Aged 18 years, just how I like it."

Check out this most interesting factors about American Pie series

1) Shannon Elizabeth is billed second. It's true. That's the magic of alphabetical order and a cast who were pretty much all unknowns. Eugene Levy, of course, gets the final "and" credit.

2) The late 90s looked a lot more like the early 90s than you remember. The girls are all in baby doll tees and high-necked dresses, but the guys all wear shirts with patterns and bold stripes that would make your head spin. At one point Jim is mocked for wearing a plaid shirt, when at this point he'd look the most normal of all of them.

3) "Mochaccino" was a valid punchline. Finch, who we meet sipping coffee out of a thermos and reading The Wall Street Journal before class, corrects the boys that he's drinking a "mochaccino." The guys, of course, have no idea what that is.

4) Jason Biggs is actually really, really good in the role. This becomes clear even before most of his standout scenes in the movie, when he approaches Nadia at the party and makes an awkward fool of himself. There's a reason he was the initial breakout star of the franchise, and maybe why he was never able to find a role quite as good-- he nails the awkward high school kid thing so well that it's hard to imagine him doing anything else. Even in small moments, like listing off vocabulary words to prove how non-awkward he can be, Biggs's comic timing is perfect.

5) There's at least one scene way, way grosser than the pie. Remember the scene where Thomas Ian Nicholas's character Kevin, um, finishes in a cup of beer, and then Stifler drinks it? Or when Finch is given ex-lax and lets loose in a bathroom stall? I had somehow blocked them out, at least, and they remain just as shocking-- and surprisingly funny-- 13 years later.