Check what this Indian man did to get Guinness world record!

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Check what this Indian man did to get Guinness world record!

Krishna Kumar recently spread the love by breaking the record for the Most hugs given in one minute by an individual at a school in Pradesh in India.

The affectionate record breaker managed to embrace 79 different people in just 60 seconds.

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This week’s episode returns to the tense moment Robert Ardito from the Wing Chun Kung Fu school went head-to-head with karate expert Dwayne Pearson for the record Most full contact punch strikes in one minute, on the set of Guinness World Records, at Seven Network Studios, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia on 16 August 2005.

Both skilled martial artists beat the previous record of 347, but Aussie Robert took home the Guinness World Records title after achieving an incredible 428 – 48 more punches than Dwayne.

To count towards the record total, every punch had to be performed according to the rules of the discipline.

This record has been broken countless times since the Australian TV show, but Robert Ardito has fought hard to keep his title. He holds the current record after completing a staggering 805 full contact punches in Sydney, Australia in 2009.

In another record,

Guinness World Records has new footage of 16-year-old Harry Denton from New Zealand breaking the record for the Longest bicycle manual at Nelson Airport last year.

The teenager travelled on his back wheel for a staggering 338.9 m (1,111.87 ft), without using the bike's pedals.
Following the Guinness World Records rules, Harry’s feet did not touch the ground at any point during the wheelie.

The guidelines for this title also state that the course must be measured and marked out by someone suitably qualified, such as a professional surveyor. This person has to confirm that the average gradient over the entire course is no greater than 1:1000. If the gradient is steeper than this, the record attempt must be made “uphill”.

In his application for the title, the teen said: “One of my life goals is to break a world record. Whenever I get on my bike I spend most of the time on the back wheel “.

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