Chinese Visitor flies to Dubai to collect Dhs 200,000, threatens to kill as well

This news came in when a chinese visitor apparently flew from China to get his money paid back which was a total sum of Dhs 200,000 and also threatened to kill his compatriot residing in Dubai if he fails to repay the money back.

A Chinese visitor allegedly threatened, via a chat, to kill his compatriot if the latter, a resident of Dubai, did not return Dh200,000, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.

On November 15, 2015, the victim YL, 24, received a message from HH, 34, saying: “I do not want to end your life for Dh200,000. Should you not pay the amount back, you will be dead.”

This was during the man’s stay in Dubai.

The victim got scared and informed the police because he claims he knows that YL can convert his threat into reality.

The Dubai Prosecution supplied the court with a translation of the threat from Chinese into Arabic.

The court will give verdict on June 30.