Commander-in-Chief to Couch Commander, Obama imagines life after presidency

What would US President Barack Obama do after his presidency ends in January? Retirement guidance from friends, unsuccesful bid to get a coach's job, attempt to get a driving licence- all figure in this video unveiled by Obama at the White House Correspondents' gala on Saturday

Commander-in-Chief to Couch Commander, Obama imagines life after presidency


What would life be like for Barack Obama, after his presidency is over?

In " Couch Commander," the comical spoof produced by the White House and unveiled at the White House Correspondents annual dinner (WHCA), US president Barack Obama imagines his post presidency life.

Vice President Joe Biden is seen advising him him that since he is going to be in Washington DC for two more years, he will need to get a driving licence.

There are also scenes of  Obama waiting his turn at the Department of Motor Vehicles.  When gives his name as Barrack Hussein Obama, the clerk at the counter says "Yikes."  When he tries to convince her that it is his "real" birth certificate, she keeps on asking if it is real. Obama had to write to the director of health at the state of Hawaai to get two certified copies of his birth certificate to put to rest a controversy which had dogged his presidency's initial years.

When Obama stumbles upon Snapchat on Michelle Obama's phone he tries to creat a promo for Obamacare. But he records the video without turning off the filter which shows him as a monster in the video he just recorded on the First Lady's phone.

Among other things, he is also seen watching "Toy Story" munching popcorn in the White House cinema with Joe Boehner, the former speaker of the US House of Representatives. Boehner jokingly tells him to stop sending him LinkedIn requests.  Boehner a former adversary, offers a cigarette and asks Obama to chill and to be just himself for some time. A former smoker, the president is said to be struggling to be off cigarettes by occasionally chewing nicotine gum.

After two terms, Obama will exit office in January 2017.