Congress says AAP stands for "Arvind Advertisement Party"

Congress expanded the abbreviation AAP as "Arvind Advertisement Party" by latching on to an RTI reply revealing a gigantic number of Rs 14.5 crore spent on newspaper advertisements alone by the AAP based Delhi government as Arvind Kejriwal as the CM in the last three months.

Congress says AAP stands for "Arvind Advertisement Party"

Congress spokesperson Shobha Oza said that the Aam Aadmi Party Government is spending as much as Rs 16 lakh a day on newspaper ads, in and outside Delhi, reveals the RTI.

"This shows that AAP is nothing but Arvind Advertisement Party", she said followed by informing that the Delhi Government has yet not given the amount spent on TV, Radio Ads and Publicity Hoardings which was sought under the RTI as well.

"As per our calculation, in just 3 months, Kejriwal has spent approximately Rs100 crore on all sorts of Ads", she said alleging that Arvind Kejriwal has been "wasting" huge sums of taxpayer's money on "self glorification and misleading Advertisements."

Besides, she dubbed as 'blatant misuse" of money of Delhi taxpayers in outstation ads in Kerala, Bangalore, Chennai and other cities.

She expressed the irony of situations by telling that Kejriwal doesn't have money to pay the salary of poor sanitation workers, the old age pension, widow pension and even the pension of disabled people have been delayed for months with such figures of money spent on advertisements.

Besides, with such big advertisements on media might lead to paths which will be defined by media on a biased road.
"By virtue of such enormous funding by government, the media is under pressure to not talk about the opposition and even overlook public issues on which the government is on a sticky wicket. It's white collar corruption", she said.
Oza said that the Modi government is no different as it has spent Rs 27 lakh per day on advertisements. She claimed that the UPA in its last 5 years in power had spent only Rs 3.8 lakh per day.

She took a dig at Finance minister Arun Jaitley's suggestion apparently hitting at AAP that excessive advertisement is acquiring the proportion of political bribing. "We would like to tell Jaitley - The biggest "Political Bribe in the History of Political India is the promise of 'Acche Din' ", she remarked.

With the involvement of so much of political color in Delhi, it kind of seems to be an immature decision by spending piles of money in the branding of the political party where on the other hand Delhi offers so much of scope for development in terms of infrastructure, society and a lot of unfulfilled promises by the Government, the availability of free wi-fi to the Delhi-ites being of the foremost.