Days after Jisha episode, another nursing student gangraped in Kerala

The girl from Anayara was going for an outing with her friend from Vettur on Tuesday, where her friend and the auto driver assaulted her midway.

Another alleged gangrape has been reported in Varkala, Kerala days after the shocking murder of Jisha, a law student in Perumbavoor who was allegedly raped and killed.

19-year-old nursing student was allegedly gangraped by her friend and another man inside an autorkishaw.

According to the girl she was raped by her friend Shyju and the Auto driver Sujith.

The girl from Anayara was going for an outing with her friend from Vettur on Tuesday, where  her friend and the auto driver assaulted her midway.

The convicts escaped from the auto, when the girl screamed as the auto reached nearby varkala railway station. Police said that the girl has been hospitalized and the searching for the convicts started.

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Meantime, the murder inquiry of  30-year -old Law student Jisha who was brutally killed inside her house has triggered the public anger in the state which is going to polls on May 16. There is no any development in the case, even after six days after the gruesome death.

Many activists accused that the case is not getting much attention because the girl is from Dalit family who live in unused revenue land. The activists said that the neighbors never gave any consideration to them and the family was scaring someone.