Did Ellen just give away tickets to Dubai to the audience? OH YES!

The Ellen DeGeneres Show being one of the most famous celebrated talk shows of the time famous for interviewing celebrities by having them over in which the conversations comprise of general chit chats, games and gift hampers just hit to the next level.

Did Ellen just give away tickets to Dubai to the audience? OH YES!

The Ellen DeGeneres Show is definitely one the most liked talk shows in which celebrities from different work cultures come down to talk and spread messages for its viewers but with the involvement of Ellen's happily humorous persona the show surely turns out to be a great package of entertainment.

Ellen DeGeneres just took her show to the next level on Monday by gifting the entire audience present there a round trip to Dubai. The host took off the segment in a mock quiz game which she called "Hello Dubai" during her show by inviting two audience members on a random basis from the audience present there.

Once she was done with declaring the winner of that round, she added a bonus round in which there was a possibility for the whole audience to win round way trips to and fro Dubai. With the excitement being saturated on the show, the entire audience actually won tickets to Dubai and they just couldn't contain the excitement and joy it brought to them.

“I flew Emirates to Dubai and Cape Town and it was the most amazing experience. You’re going to absolutely love it,” before starting the whole excited segment she said.

Hello and Dubai

Well, seeing such things happen on television would definitely make every fan across the world, willing to come on screen, meet Ellen DeGeneres and win entire round trips to the Emirati city of it's kind, Dubai!!!
We are just so happy for all the jovial faces present there. (And a little jealous too, but that's okay :P)

And this is not the first time the talk show host has given away a trip to the UAE. Last year, during the time when Furious 7 was about to hit the cinemas, she called up on an audience member, along with the star actor Vin Diesel, for a 13-day trip to Abu Dhabi for the promotion of the blockbuster it turned out to be.