Discussion over strengthening the travel between UAE and Oman

With both the GCC countries, UAE and Oman sharing the same coastline and many a times leading tourists to more travelling and exploring scope in and beyond both the Gulf countries, recent meetings between the officials from both the countries have led to the discussion of easing the travel between the UAE and Oman under way. Meetings lead to the discussion of plans between the two countries aiming for the welfare of tourism and how the countries aim at handling the situation of evolving in terms of tourist convenience.

Discussion over strengthening the travel between UAE and Oman

Talks are under process on the topic of easing the travel between the UAE and Oman, the UAE's Ministry of Interior has announced.

Ways to strengthen relationships between the two Gulf countries were discussed by Lt Gen. Saif Abdullah Al Shaafar, Undersecretary at the Ministry of Interior, and Lt Gen Hassan Bin Mohsin Al Shariqi, Inspector General of Police and Customs in Oman, reported Hotelier Middle East.

The Oman tourism ministry is aimingto add 10,000 hotel rooms, varying from luxury resorts to budget hotels, by the time 2018 arrives, according to Salim Al Mamari, Oman’s Ministry of Tourism director general of tourism promotion.
The Ministry says up to US $35 billion will be invested in the tourism industry in the next 25 years. There are currently 315 hotels in Oman, with 16,691 rooms.

Both the countries if happen to agree on somewhere at an intermediate stage of the deal, it is definitely going to be fruitful for the Oman Tourism Industries as the UAE has a lot of potential to offer when it comes to tourism which in turn might be paid back to the UAE considering the advancements aimed by the Oman Ministry of Tourism for the development of Tourism as they are expected to invest a lot of money in the sector in the coming times.