Dubai airports to use better technology to reduce queues, save time

Long queues could soon be a thing of the past as Dubai authority is going to implement new plans to streamline travel procedures. New state of the art technology is going to help travelers save time and Dubai government beef up security.

Dubai airports to use better technology to reduce queues, save time

The long, harrowing queues at one of the busiest airports in the world caused travelers a great deal of inconvenience. Taking note of it, Dubai authorities are coming up with a number of new projects and state-of-the-art technology to make this experience a better one. In the process Dubai airports will have increased security in place while being able to streamline traffic flow.

Colonel Talal Ahmad Shanqeeti, Assistant to the Director General for airports, has been quoted by Gulfnews saying that among the new technologies in place to streamline travel procedures was the ‘Eyen’ verification system.

The verification system will be integrated with the new intelligent travel gate. The system uses the latest iris recognition technology, which requires just two seconds on average to complete a scan.

“We are also planning to replace all the counters at Dubai airports, fitting them with the latest technologies which will expedite traveller procedures,” Col Shangeeti was quoted as saying, adding that a next-generation smart gate will be implemented soon, which will minimise waiting time for travellers.

“The technologies will both ease procedures for travellers and immigration officers,” he said.