Dubai Hosts the World's Largest Material Library

D-town to become the capital of innovation and knowledge. The world's largest material library- D Town is expected to host in Dubai at the end of this year.

Dubai Hosts the World

Dubai : The World's largest material library is set to open at the end of this year and is named as D- town Library. This innovative project is headed by the D- Town Enterprises group and aims to become a center of information and interchange of know-how for all design disciplines. The location of the project is not yet confirmed, but this is considered as a great step towards the vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al maktoum, to change Dubai the capital of innovation and knowledge.To become the largest archive in the world the Library will hold thousands of materials.

This project promises to satisfy the needs of an architect looking for varieties of wood for a project, or someone searching for ideas to build a boat , or a fashion designer searching for the latest trends in smart fabrics.

Rowdha Ali Mohammed AlSakit, CEO of D-Town Enterprises reported to WAM that the concept of D-Town Library has been put together after seeing the void in the global market - connectivity as the heart of knowledge and trade. The concept will connect and bridge the gap between the world’s industries and the consumers. People need to know what is available and how to use it in order to simply start creating, enrich innovation and come up with something new. For all that to happen people need tools, and the library will be an essential tool,he added .

The selection of materials is in process, and the D-Town Library is signing Memorandum of Agreements (MOAs) with the top brands in the world, and they are also in partnership with premium global partners from Pars, New York and Paris.The space,to be opened by the end of the year, will have capacity to display thousands of material samples including all types of innovative and creative minds. The list goes from the ranges of clear glass, to the most innovative tech-materials that can be used across various creative industries such as fashion, or even automotive.The facilities for visitors who want to take an in-depth look at the collection can consult the expert engineers at the library to enquire more about the composition of the materials, usages and manufacturing details.

Active educational workshops on how to integrate new materials on a project will be hosted by the entities who are a part of this upcoming project. We want D-Town Library to become the space where the creative community meets knowledge and innovation. This will be the meeting point for like minded people, a center of knowledge where innovators and creatives can exchange ideas and bring their projects to life, AlSakit added.

Material library is like a book, that consists material samples that are imperative so that 100's of ideas can be generated in the creative mind. The most innovative material in the planet is planned to be bought under under an umbrella.Dubai is in the process of possessing the best material library in the world to serve the community of creators, designers and companies.

The creative company, D Town with multidisciplinary approach is a green architectural structure with the idea of respecting the environment and guarantees an exciting customer journey. Museum showcases the past attractions , on the other hand 'Material Library'is an essential to create future. Visitors will be exposed to innovation and creativity and D town also focuses to digitize customer experience through apps and robots.The Visitors will get a chance to meet the most creative designers, experts and companies in the world. There will be also long list of extremely interesting workshops.

There will be a small entrance fee and the D-Town enterprise group is in the process of including two new cafeteria's. The 'Material Library' will be having plenty of space for people to meet and discuss their creative projects and Wi-Fi will also be granted.

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