Dubai has a Job for Obama too

With the USA President Barack Obama resigning after the Presidential elections, Barack Obama has shared a lot of his opinions about his life, post the Presidency resignation in many interviews and it looks Dubai already has an opportunity which has been offered to him by a Dubai based advocate for a special cause.

Dubai has a Job for Obama too

Lawyer Isa bin Haidar from Dubai wants President Barack Obama to work with him for a very special reason.
He has specifically mentioned the benefits along with the offer including his (Obama) salary, housing, tickets and travel to Arab countries. President Barack Obama will be privileged with all of these benefits if he accepts this lucrative job opportunity coming from the Emirati lawyer, Isa bin Haidar.

There is a specific reason why Isa bin Haidar wants this job to be taken by the soon to be retired American President.
Isa bin Haidar expresses a deep thought who finds no root with the ways implemented by the international media houses depicting Islam as a religion that promotes and believes in violence and terror filled messages.
According to the belief of this man, he wants Westerners to come down to live with the Muslims, see how the Muslims live and what sort of a lifestyle the Muslims have around them before assuming the news to be true which is passed on by the international media to them.

"The only way for westerners to accept and understand Islam and Muslims is to come and live with us and amongst us,” bin Haidar told. “Once he (Obama) leaves his office at the White House, I offer President Obama work in my law firm and then he would come and live amongst the Arabs and Muslims and learn the exact meaning of tolerance.”

Keeping in mind the odd nature of his offer, bin Haidar expressed briefly  and laid emphasis on the  intentions behind the offer.
"I know my offer is a little bit weird, but you (Obama) have to live with Muslims to know them closely and away from political theatrics which are being spearheaded by the U.S."

As of May 23, President Obama has 238 days left in office. Although he hasn’t explicitly discussed his post-retirement plans but he is seen in interviews and talk shows discussing about things he would love to pursue post retirement which really makes the people excited about the track which the American President will be running on.

In 2014, when he was asked where does he picture himself after a decade, Obama replied like the boss he is: "I know what I'll do right after the next president is inaugurated. I'll be on a beach somewhere drinking out of a coconut.”