Dubai Municipality Launches Kaseb Initiative

Paid parking plots will be granted to low-income Emiratis by Community Development Authority (CDA).

Dubai Municipality Launches Kaseb Initiative

Dubai: Land plots will be allotted for Low-income Emiratis in Dubai to be used as paid parking lots under a new initiative launched on Wednesday to offer citizens a means of sustainable livelihood.

Dubai Municipality and the Community Development Authority (CDA) announced that the initiative titled ‘Kaseb’ or ‘to gain’ aims to provide citizens with a sustainable livelihood by offering them investment opportunities. This community initiative also targets citizens who are able to work and are listed among qualified financial beneficiaries with the CDA.

Under Kaseb, empty or unused land plots provided by the municipality will be turned into parking lots.Beneficiaries will then be able to manage these lots and obtain commercial licenses. They will not be able to renounce this land granted to them or transfer parking lot management to others.

Director-general of Dubai Municipality Eng Hussain Lootah said at the Careers Fair — a three day job fair which began on May 16 at the Dubai World Trade Centre that they are working to create astute business managers. By granting financially challenged Emiratis these plots of lands to manage as parking lots, they’ll be able to use their full potential and help them take advantage of Dubai’s market.

Kaseb is a community initiative which aims to help address the concerns and ease the difficulties of citizens,he added. The Dubai Municipality will be in charge of the programme and cooperate with the CDA on its implementation as well as the adoption of appropriate standards and systems to ensure desired outcomes.

He explained that beneficiaries will obtain approvals and permits from the relevant authorities and shall equip the land following conditions laid out by the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) and Dubai Municipality. Beneficiaries will be in charge of project budget management in order to cover expenses and reinvest profit.

Positive results are expected at the end of the programme period,he reported, and also added that the citizens of Dubai will be more empowered after acquiring the necessary skills for managing small projects. Resulting profits will be used for the community programme’s continuity.

The Return of Investment (ROI) reflecting the number of parking lots leased under the programme will be reported to the municipality, Lootah made it clear.Appropriate support will be given to reduce parking lot shortages in some places in Dubai he added.

Khalid Al Kamda, director-general of the CDA, emphasised that the Kaseb initiative will improve citizens’ lives in the community. CDA will work on creating opportunities and conditions to empower households that deserve social aid to make them active community members who are able to contribute to national development.He also added that the initiative’s results will be evaluated at regular intervals through field visits and detailed reports.