Dubai Police To Reduce Traffic Fatalities Increase Road Safety

Dubai Police has proved its ability to efficiently catch violators using a new device designed and is in its trial phase.This innovation will surely safe guard people from harsh driving.

Dubai Police To Reduce Traffic Fatalities Increase Road Safety

Dubai : Major General Khamis Mattar Al Mazeina, Dubai Police Chief said that the new device is equipped with a high definition camera and a sound sensor with reference to a report published by Gulf News.

He ordered the making of 20 of these devices to be installed on Dubai roads.

The device will help with Dubai Police’s goals to reduce traffic fatalities and increase road safety.

Maj Gen Al Mazeina said to GN that the device, which has been fully developed by the Department of Operations at Dubai Police, is portable and can be moved around with ease to catch violators.

He added that the device is powered with a battery and its sensors allow it to distinguish the yellow line and catch any vehicle that crosses it.

The fine for overtaking from the hard shoulder of the road is Dh600, six black points and one-month impoundment.

He said that overtaking from the hard shoulder is very dangerous, as some drivers overtake at very high speeds, increasing the risk of collision with stationary vehicles parked on the hard shoulder or slowing down emergency vehicles using the hard shoulder.The device reflects the capabilities and innovation of Dubai Police’s employees he added.