Dubai Nursery closed after boy almost drowns in pool

A Dubai based nursery remains to be closed after a 2 year old boy nearly drowned within the nursery's pool. The child is under medical supervision and is still the process of recuperation. The Dubai Police is investigating the case. As of now, no official statement has come out of the nursery's official.

Dubai Nursery closed after boy almost drowns in pool

A Dubai based nursery remains closed after a two year old boy nearly drowned in the swimming pool of the nursery. The boy is still recovering.

Students of the Satwa-based nursery haven't attended since May 19. However, sources say that the students were transferred to the nursery's sister branch which is located in Deira on Sunday.

Since the incident, the boy Syed, who is affectionately called Raza by his family, has been on supportive medication in the intensive care unit at Latifa Hospital, Dubai since he was saved from the incident.

His father, Mr. Safdar Abbas, said the little boy still remains in a state of coma.
"There has been no significant change but we are still waiting for that moment our son wakes up and starts looking for us."

Following the news of the Raza's incident, many parents of students of the nursery who went down to pay a visit to offer comfort to the family, but have reportedly expressed concern over the lack of verbal communication with the school.

"These parents have had little explanation from the school's management as to why it has been closed. Why is the school hiding itself away? To me, that is a sign of guilt. When a serious incident like this happens they should be vocal about it," Abbas said.

The Dubai Police has this case under full invetigation.

A legal representative for the nursery said he could not comment on the case as it was "ongoing". However, he did confirm the nursery received "approval from the regulatory authorities" to transfer the Satwa-based students to their sister branch in Deira. Transportation will also be provided by the nursery.

One mother said she was first alerted of the school's closure by email. "We received the email on the evening of May 19 that the school would remain closed for a period of one week. They gave no explanation as to why."

The email confirmed that the nursery would "reopen on Sunday, 29th May 2016", but she was unsuccessful in contacting the school by phone for further explanation.

On May 26 - one week after the incident - a second email was circulated among parents informing them that classes will commence in their Deira branch.

As of now yet, no one has actually got into any communication with the school.

In Mr. Abbas's opinion, the school should remain closed.

"That nursery has already done what it has done to my child. What we want as a family is to prevent it from happening to another child. We continue to ask people to pray for Syed's recovery."

According to the nursery's legal representative, one week's fees will be adjusted in the tuition fees for the month of June 2016 for all students affected by the closure.

It is not still confirmed why the school isn't opening up on the child's situation and what are te statements they would like to present regarding thrit management and this whole scenario which has developed.