Facebook CEO Zuckerberg looks to remodel 4 houses near his Palo Alto mansion

Privacy obsessed billionaire is redeveloping his neighbourhood even as locals are upset over his overwhelming security detail

Facebook CEO Zuckerberg looks to remodel 4 houses near his Palo Alto mansion

Mark Zuckerberg is planning to demolish four houses that surround his Palo Alto home. The Facebook CEO plans to build smaller houses, filings with the city planners has revealed.

The request submitted last Tuesday seeks to flatten two single storey and two double storey houses. Three new  single floor houses and a double storey house is proposed to be built in the plots, a report in Mercury News said.

The houses were bought by Zuckerberg in 2013 for $ 30 million after he feared that his privacy would be violated. The house next door which would enable the occupants to have a view of his master bedroom. A developer had even advertised the property in Liberty Hill as being next door to the Facebook co-founder’s $ 7 million mansion.

Some 16 security guards are said to be working round the clock to protect 32 year old entrepreneur's  privacy. The stationing of so many security guards in a nearby parking lot has caused some unease in the neighbourhood. Neighbours have complained of his security apparatus occupying parking space a blocking a fire hydrant.

There were also similar complaints during the nearly one and a half year long renovation of Zuckerberg’s mansion.


A house proposed to be redeveloped

The report by Jacqueline Lee in Mercury News also quotes a letter circulated by property managers stating that the new redevelopment does not seek to increase the footprint of the existing structures. It also assured the neighbours that the construction will be carried out in a shorter period and it will not impact any one in the neighbourhood.

A public hearing is likely to be held before the application is processed, the report said.

The plans to redevelop the area has raised concerns among that the new structures might be used by his security detail or his employees and might cause traffic and security issues.

Google co-founder Larry Page had also bought four adjoining houses in the leafy neighbourhood to built a 6,000 square feet mansion.

Even as Zuckerberg is going to great lengths to protect his privacy, Facebook has been accused of violating users privacy often. A Californian court had earlier this month rejected Facebook’s plea to throw out a lawsuit which challenged the  storage of biometric data mined from the photographs users shared on the popular social networking site.