Facebook feed: Remember Jagadish Sonkar IAS? You labeled him as a Power abuser, Now listen to him

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All were busy spreading the social responsibility by sharing the photo of Jagadish sonkar ‘showing disrespect to nation, and taking advantage of power’. Nobody asked his version, but just shared all over and maligned his image. Perfect case of labeling.

Check out what he have to say

Dear All,
This post is to tender an open unconditional apology in response to the picture of mine that is being circulated in social media and newspapers.No amount of words can justify the said act,although it was unintentional and was thoroughly avoidable.I understand the harm the act has inflicted on the image of the civil service fraternity.I apologise to each one of them.I also thank people who stood by me,from among media,fraternity,friends and family ,during this times of tough scrutiny.I thank those who had reserved their opinions and judgements, and havenot concluded on me ,based upon the picture alone.I reassure each one of you,that I would stick to the core values of the civil services Honesty,Integrity,Objectivity,Impartiality and Civility,Modesty,Humility,Chivalry and strive my level best to be a better civil servant and a better human being. Apologies to those hurt by the act and Gratitudes to those who stood by me.
As i am infrequent in social media, the response is delayed.
Jagdish Sonkar