Fake Facebook accounts in the name of IAS first rank holder Tina Dabi spreading hatred

35 Accounts! Stop this you Psychos!

Fake accounts are no more a new thing in Social media. Misusing the celebrity names and other people’s privacy is become a ‘social media ritual these days’. The new victim of the social media fake account victim is Tina Dabi, Who got first rank in 2015 Civil service examination.

there are 35 accounts so far doing this online bullying and spreading hatred. By noticing this Tina Dabi herself posted a clarification note about on her personnel account and expressed her stand on this

Check out

This is the one screenshot that spreading online in the name of Tina Dabi. This post is a misleading quote about reservation policy.

Some other accounts are also there and some in the form of a Facebook page.

Stop this you Psychos!