Find out how Indian drivers in Dubai can contest a traffic fine

Dubai has revealed that there are procedures by which residents can apply against traffic fines.

Find out how Indian drivers in Dubai can contest a traffic fine

Dubai Police has stated that residents of Dubai have the right to appeal against traffic fines they believe are unjust or a mistake. Residents of the city/state in UAE can file a complaint with the authorities if they have been handed down a traffic fine in error.

Those who have been erroneously subjected to fines when they were not even present at the particular place at the time a traffic fine was issued against their name, or were driving within the speed limit, can contest the fine handed to them by Dubai Police.

In case the complaint is proven to be right, the traffic fine will be waived off in just five days once you register your case, said Dubai police.

How to contest a fine

The driver can either go to the General Directorate of Traffic headquarters to file a complaint or call on 04-6063755 or go through the Dubai Police website ( to do the same.

Carry the supporting documents to prove case.

A special committee will look into the case. The committee consists of six officers – deputy general at traffic department, two traffic control officers, a fines officer, representative of the Financial Supervisory General Headquarters of Dubai Police, and a representative of the Legal Affairs.

The committee is mandated to respond to the complainant within 5 working days once the review of the traffic fine was registered.

If the ruling is in favour of the complainant, the traffic violation will be cancelled. However, if the driver is not satisfied, s/he should take a copy of the findings and approach Traffic Prosecution, which will issue the final verdict.

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