Game of words competition, Spelling bee ends in a tie again

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Game of words competition, Spelling bee ends in a tie again

The Scripps National Spelling Bee has ended with two champions, for third consecutive years.

Nihar Janga, 11, of Austin, Texas, and Jairam Hathwar, 13, of Painted Post, N.Y., were declared co-champions Thursday night after fighting to a draw during insane 39 rounds of competition.

Imagine about this continuous tough 39 rounds and what sort of preparation they might have gone through before gaining this.

There are some sophisticated methods that every winner normally follows

Its about Chrome on your PC/ Laptop, and then install Magoosh vocabulary app. Its a great tool. Everytime you open a new window, a new word would pop up with its full explanation. So, without making any extra effort, u keep learning new words, their spellings, and their use.

Additionally, you may register for Classmate online spell bee demo tutorials and quizzes.

Another recommendation is the Hexco company's word lists and etymology products, and studying your dictionary for interesting words. Study any word you can find, and learn how words are put together within different languages, and greek and latin words.

People normally go crow about Spelling bee game. But better not try to crow about winning the Spelling Bee. If anybody wish to participate and get a medal or whatever then that particular attempt matters, nothing else.

The truth is though, spelling bees are kind of a circus. There are many awkward kids, many with autism or Asperger's, who are so galvanized by their parents' enthusiasm that they can't remember why they're even there. While the experience does help youngsters, see glimpses of their full potential, all we can really vouch is the competitive aspect of the game. There are scenes that happened before like kids crying because they placed second.

These kinda games are very necessary to spread the importance and vivid aspects of language, but need to keep up a balance for the sake of students.