Get ready to have your 'Cow urine shots'

Holy cow!, This is business folks :) which includes a floor cleaner, tooth powder, balm and face pack

Get ready to have your

So now, Cow is getting more into main stream market. The Indian gow-Matha, literally making a new business way by its urine. Yes folks, its pretty serious. People already started making money out of it and its a profitable business now.

Bigbasket, the giant online chain of groceries approached by MGP, a Banglore based firm, Maa Gau Products for this product and now they are dealing with this product and started selling online.

Started in 2011 with an investment of Rs 1.2 crore, MGP is the brainchild of five experienced businessmen, one of whom is the Kolkata-based Radhe Shyam Goenka, co-founder of Emami, who has been lending the cosmetics company's expertise to the venture.

There are more than 50 units processing cow urine in India, but we've tried to bring a more professional approach to manufacture and marketing," says Goenka.

The partnership with MGP gave a new market opportunity to BigBasket as well

They are fast moving products, so we have now decided to carry an inventory and offer them in all our centres," says BigBasket CEO Hari Menon

The demand is not just in India, Its very much in demand in abroad.

ISKON India is also a big processor of cow urine with seven units attached to the gaushalas (cow shelters) it runs across the country

"A litre of our distillate retails for Rs 200, three times the price of milk. For ISKON gaushalas, milk is a by-product," says Damodar Das, ISKON's minister for cow protection.

Baba Ramdev recently made an offer to buy up all of MGP's urine concentrate on an exclusive basis, but the deal fell through. Mahavir Sonika is another promoter of MGP and since his export house, Suneeta Impex, is based in Bangalore, he's effectively MGP's CEO. "We inverted because we believed in the project. We are glad it has now become self-sustaining," he says.

Holy cow!