Give these Sex-Education books to your kids

Its time up! :-)

My Little Body Book: Keeping Ourselves Safe – Written and Illustrated by Shruti Singhal
Language: English
Publisher: Zubaan Books
Age-group: 5+

This colourfully illustrated book will give a easy interactive reading experience to your kid. The characters Avni and Vivaan will tell you about the safe and unsafe touches. The clear lines of illustrations are very cool to deal with and kids will really love it. By not using the word Sex, the book narrates with kids in a smooth manner. For example: “We wear our underwear to cover our private parts and keep ourselves clean and safe. These parts of our body are special and belong to us alone.”

2. The Red Book: What You Want to Know About Yourself
Language: Hindi and English
Publisher: TARSHI
Age-group: 10-14

This Book contains more about gender, sexuality and body parts. It gave a space to parents talk about the emotional and physical needs of the child.

3- The Blue Book: What You Want to Know About Yourself
Language: Hindi and English
Publisher: TARSHI
Age-group: 15+

This book is targeted to teens. It talks about the peer pressure of teen curiosity and hormonal rush

4- Body Talk: Real Girls Ask Real Questions about Love, Life and everything in between- Written by Anjali Wason. Illustrated by Amruta Patil.
Language: English
Publisher: HarperCollins
Age-group: For girls, ages 14+

This book is specially for girls. This books talks about the double standard of the world, and its way of looking at gendered society norms are also exciting. This book contains 400 questions that goes like, ‘How do you have sex?’, ‘How does one use a condom?’, ‘How do I tell my parents about my boyfriend?’, ‘How do I know I am ready for sex?
Yes, you people need to hear that.

5- Sharir Ki Jaankari (About Your Body)
Language: Hindi, English, Gujarati, Oriya, Bengali and Marathi
Publisher: Zubaan Books
Age-group: 10+

This is the Holy-bible of sex education. This book just give all you want to know, all they want to know, all everybody need to talk. This book born on 1980’s in the time of feminist rise. This amazing book explores the body on grass root level

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