Gomatha writes letter to kids in Rajasthan Texbook

“I give every individual strength, intelligence, long life, health, happiness and prosperity," the letter claims

Vasundhara Raje Scindia-led BJP Government in Rajasthan revised Hindi text book for the fifth standard students by adding a letter “written by Gomatha (cow)” to the children, reports Time of India. In the chapter with a lot of Hindu Gods and Goddesses pictures, Cow occupied the middle position.

The new lesson which was added to further the Hindutva agenda of the state government and to breed the younger generation with love and respect to the “Gomatha” had drawn much flak so far on social media.

Addressing the children as “my sons and daughters,” the letter urges the student to consider “her” as the mother. “I give every individual strength, intelligence, long life, health, happiness and prosperity. Those who feel (my importance) consider me as their mother and I love them like my offspring,” Gomatha reminded the children in her letter.

The letter also claimed that cows produce the elixir of life in the form of milk, butter and ghee.

“My urine and excreta produces medicines, fertilisers and pesticides. My offspring, bullock, helps you in agriculture. I also purify environment by breathing,” the letter reads.

Meantime, when the state’s Cow Minister asked about the new chapter in the text book, he said that it was a positive move towards creating awareness on the benefits of the cow. He is the only minister in the country taking care of a department dedicated to “cow affairs.”

Recently, the state’s 8th class text book was on the news after it has removed a chapter about the nation’s first prime minster Jawaharlal Nehru.