'Govt. pressurised to denounce Gandhi,' Michel letter shot in the arm for Congress

A letter purportedly written by Christian Michel, the middle man adds to the controversy regarding AgustaWestland Chopper deal

Christian Michel, the middle man in the AgustaWestland chopper deal's allegation is lending credence to the Congress party's argument of witch-hunting by the Narendra Modi Government.

In a letter written to the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea , Christian Michel has alleged that the Modi government proposed a deal  before him. According to Michel, a number of people contacted him with the proposal that if  he denounces any member of the Gandhi-Nehru family all the charges against him would be dropped. Details of the letter was aired by India Today TV.

"At this time it was made very clear to me through a number of obtuse channels, if I was willing to denounce and member of the Gandhi family relating to the so called VVIP helicopter scandal all charges and investigations against me would be dropped. I responded in the negative and without so much as summons and within one week an arrest warrant was issued against me and within a few weeks after that the Indian authorities then contacted Interpol and used this mechanism to put further pressure on me to agree to their political agenda," Michel  wrote.

Earlier in an interview to India Today Michel alleged that  the documents presented to the Italian court by Guido Haschke, another middleman in the chopper deal was forged. He said he is ready to submit to India the  documents and the evidence related to the case.  He claimed that he has moved against Haschke in a court in Switzerland.

Michel also alleges that the document which has the name of Signora Gandhi and AP was forged by Haschke.

Michel was quoted by India Today as saying that he will not  turn approver and added that he is appointing an Indian lawyer to represent him in the case.