Has Disney comics done something stupid today? Check out the real story

DC Leak?

Has Disney comics done something stupid today? Check out the real story

Just like Marvel’s ridiculous Civil War 2 FCBD offering, DC's Rebirth has leaked, this time through a post on comic books by a user calling themselves SuperAe16. While the full story has not been leaked, the information we were given does reveal some substantial moments. So if you were planning on clawing yours eyes out in frustration on Wednesday instead of today, then now is your chance to turn away.

Here is the quote from reddit thread
Spoilers.... They're coming.... You've been warned.... Wally West is back. There are three Jokers. The Original JSA is back. Watchman are now part of the DCU and are responsible for the loss of time??? The last part is a mind fuck.

People are tired of getting more information about this leak. Meanwhile a named with title of the situation popped up http://hasdcdonesomethingstupidtoday.com/
and asked the readers to stay tuned with this to get more connected with the issue.

Their text says,

Are you tired of having to comb through dozens of articles trying to figure out if DC Comics has done something cringeworthy today? Would you like to be the first person to know how long it's been since DC's alienated fans, minorities or people with discerning taste? Do you like regularly experiencing schaudenfreude at the expense of a major corporate entity? Well, The Outhouse has the solution for you!

Let's see what happened really! this thread may give more details, http://www.theouthousers.com/index.php/news/135389-dc-rebirth-leak.html

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