'I had sex with someone else, because my husband forgot mother's day flower'

Ashley Madison can not ruin something that one of the two - no judgment about which - has already ruined. Often the user is someone looking (in the wrong place, perhaps) for some kind of empathy and intimacy that their spouse is choosing to withhold.

Ashley Madison, or The Ashley Madison Agency, is a Canada-based online dating service and social networking service marketed to people who are married or in a committed relationship. The Ashley Madison Agency is the world's largest online Social Networking Community of its kind that caters to people who are already in relationships but still want to date. It was founded in 2002 by Darren Morgenstern.

So Ashley Madison is there for more pleasure, and the site doing the job very well. But still the site is very much filled with confession stories and lamentations by the people who are looking for more active life.

Here one story goes like, a lady confessed why she had sex with some one else, apart from her husband. Her reason is he forgot to bought mother's day flower for her and by that she felt that 'she is not sexy enough to get a mother's day flower'. After becoming mother of 2 children and still the lack of attention from the husband made her starting an account in Ashley Madison and with in no time she found someone and after some days they had some happy moments.

By analyzing this story, its clear that people need to be loved more at home other ways they will find their way. It may be lack of appreciation, lack of affection, whatever. Any ways where there is a will, there is a way and there is Ashley Madison.

People are claiming that Marriages are ruined by this site, but clearly this site is a need of the century. Marriages aren't ruined by Ashley Madison, the "hookup" site for married people. They are ruined by cheating spouses.

All Ashley Madison has done is made it a little bit easier to cheat, perhaps, and also easier to keep track of the cheating spouse who doesn't know how to cover his or her tracks online.

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