'I reformed the economy more than anybody': Modi sees enormous task ahead for him

Prime minister Narendra Modi has said he wants states to take more pro-active steps towards liberalising economy

Prime minister Narendra Modi, has said he has taken up maximum reforms during last two years than anybody in the past.

“I have actually undertaken the maximum reforms,”. Modi said in an interview to Wall Street Journal.  In the interview given on the occasion of the second anniversary of his government   Modi urged the states to take more active steps towards liberalisation by amending laws like labour.  Modi said on the economy front he has an enormous task ahead.

He said the kind of reforms he had undertaken would have been regarded as impossible and difficult to implement by the past governments. But now he has done it and his critics no longer qualify them as 'big bang,' Modi said when asked about his government's inability to undertake big ticket economic reforms.

Modi government could not amend the labour law  and land acquisition act due to stiff resistance from trade unions and political parties. The BJP government does not have enough numbers in the Upper House to get key legislations passed or amended .

To circumvent this political obstacle Modi suggested state governments should amend laws like  labour and land acquisition. He said the state governments run by the BJP are enacting or amending laws to further liberalisation.

On foreign policy front, Modi said unlike in the past, India is not sitting in a corner, but is now playing an active role in global affairs.

Modi refused to comment when asked about US presidential hopeful Donald Trump's  proposal to temporarily ban Muslims from entering that country.

“These are issues of debate in the election. A government shouldn’t respond to that,” he said. “As a part of the election debate many things will be said there, who ate what, who drank what, how can I respond to everything?” asked Modi.

International leaders like UK president David Cameroon has came down heavily against Trump for his anti-Muslim statement.