'Iam not going back with Priyadarshan' : Lissy

NO and Never is the answer

There has been constant yellow media speculation about the reasons I filed for divorce and whether myself and Mr.Priyadarsan will be getting back together. Clear and straight answer to that is NO and NEVER. The reasons I filed for divorce are very clear to my children (who have been a great support), Honorable courts and Mr. Priyadarsan. Those reasons are absolutely irreversible. Only I know what I went through and for what reasons I had put up with it which I am not prepared to discuss or disclose. The interviews and reports you may have read are all well SCRIPTED. Despite constant request from majority of the media I have maintained a graceful silence on this issue to date but some journalists and media houses have continued to hunt me for reasons best known to them. If journalism is all about continuing to publish untrue stories about the personal life of a single woman and mother and harass her mercilessly for silly favours then all I can say to you is I feel sorry you have such a horrible job. For those of you who are interested there are 3 months remaining on our joint divorce petition , until then the domestic violence case against Mr.Priyadarsan is on hold. Kindly stop speculating about other peoples personal life and making a mockery of their pain..I have had constant calls from media today. The above post has everything what I have to say on this matter.. Live And Let Live...Thank you all.

She slammed medias for circulating the the false news and after she posted this update people came and showed solidarity

Some people as usual showed their real character

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