Indian terrorists in ISIS threaten to avenge for Gujarat and Babri in new documentary

The documentary titled �Biladul Hind: Between pain and hope� blamed Indian Muslims for cooperating with non-Muslim- government and ascertained that Islam is not the religion of peace, but it is the religion of fight.

Indian terrorists in ISIS threaten to avenge for Gujarat and Babri in new documentary

In a new video released on Friday, terror outfit ISIS threatened it will take revenge for Gujarat riot and Babri Masjid demolition. The 22-minutes documentary which features Indian youths who joined ISIS, claimed the terror group will attack India and slaughter Kafirs (non-Muslims) who killed Muslims in Kashmir and Muzaffarnagar.

The documentary titled “Biladul Hind: Between pain and hope,” is reportedly the first Islamic States' video solely narrowing upon India.

The video starts with narrating the history of  Islamic entry to the Indian subcontinent in the leadership of Muhammd bin-qasim, under the rule of second Islamic Khalifa Umar-bin Qatab. The narration in Arabic language claimed the religion faced the first blow in India, from Christian who invaded the country later.

An Indian youth, in the pseudo name Abu Thurabul Hindi said in one of the interviews included in the documentary that Indian Muslims could not leave any impact on non-Muslims, even after living with them for many years. He also said that a real Muslim cannot be friend with non-believers. ‘After the country got freedom from the imperialist powers, democracy has been the sword upon the heads of Muslims, he claimed.

According to reports , the youth in the pseudo name is Fahad Tanvir Sheikh, an Engineering student from Thane who eloped from his house to Syria to join ISIS in 2014.

He also said the news appearing in Indian media regarding the three of them who traveled to Syria to join ISIS  are not true since they are happy with their new life and mission. “We don’t want to come from this land to India where non-Muslims rule the Muslims. But we will come back one day with swords in our hands to take revenge for the atrocities meted out to the innocent Muslims in Gujarat, Assam, and Muzaffarnagar,” he said.

“One of our friend Shahid Tanki, who was famous in the name Usman Al-Hindi had attained martyrdom in the holy fight against Kafirs. We also want to follow his foots steps,” he added.

Another Urdu speaking youngster from India appeared in the video in the pseudo name of “Umarul Farooq Al- Hindi’ said that Indian Muslims are being haunted by investigative agencies like ATS  after the Batla House encounter case. “ I used to pray to the God almighty to show me a way out. God heard my prayers and I managed to reach in Syria and blessed to fight for the sake of God, with many Mujahids (fighters) from all over the country,” he added.

The video has shown the new fighters officially joining the outfit, spelling out a written statement claiming that all followers of the group shall obey the orders of new Khalifa “Aboobakar Al-Bagdadi.”

Another Indian who was named as “Aboo Thalha Al-Hindi” argued that Islam is not the religion of the peace as some Muslim scholars claim. “It is not a religion of peace and it wasn’t. But it is the religion of fight,” he said.

The documentary has included photos of Muslims being slaughtered and burnt alive during the communal riots occurred across the nation through the years.

Blaming the Indian Muslims who cooperate with non-Muslims, the documentary said Muslim parties and its leaders are responsible for the miserable conditions of Muslims in the country. It also blamed Muslim leaders who came forward cooperating with democratic processes in India.

Promoting youngsters to join the terror outfits, the documentary has shown newly recruited Indian Mujahids reciting some Urdu ‘shairis’ and having food together.

Abu Salman Al-Hindi, an English speaking Indian ascertained in the end of the documentary  that they don’t want to return to India from the safe heaven of Syria.