'iPhone' is also trade mark name of a leather product in China!

Beijing court allows local leather company to use the phrase "iPhone" in their products. Apple says they are disappointed by the ruling

Apple Inc has lost a battle for the use of the "iPhone" trademark on leather goods in China. A Beijing court ruled against the world's biggest technology company in favour of a local firm, reuters reported quoting Chinese media

The Beijing Municipal High People's Court said Xintong Tiandi can continue to use the phrase "iPhone" on its leather goods, according to the Legal Daily, the official newspaper of China's Justice Ministry.

Apple said it was disappointed with the ruling.  and  will try for a retrial in the case

In 2002, Apple applied for the "iPhone" trademark for computer hardware and software in China, but that was only approved in 2013.

Xintong Tiandi created its trademark for leather goods in 2007, the first year Apple's iPhone went on sale. The U.S. firm has been disputing the Chinese firm's intellectual property rights since 2012.

The court did not approve Apple's contention that its brand name was popular in China in 2009

China is second largest market for Apple.  Apple  was forced to pay $60 million to end a a legal dispute over i pad trade mark

In 2012, Apple paid $60 million to end a protracted legal dispute over the iPad trademark in China, which had hampered sales and delayed the introduction of a new iPad in the country.n

For the first time, Apple last month reported that its iphone  rate of sale is slowing down.