#JadavpurUniversity follow up: ABVP Playing the 'Nationalist' card again

Suman Dutta, a leader of ABVP has commented that women students in Jadavpur University (JU) "can't" be molested because they have no "shame. These girls claim to be molested. Someone should tell them that only girls who have shame can be molested''.

#JadavpurUniversity follow up: ABVP Playing the

Incidents seems like, ABVP/RSS/BJP are trying to get a grip on Jadavpur University with same old tactic they used in JNU row. Hatred comments from the ABVP front is coming out ease with out any hesitation. They are still talking about Nationalist and Sankari India. Adhere to that, Suman datta, a leader of ABVP commented that '' These girls claim to be molested. Someone should tell them that only girls who have shame can be molested''.

Check this first person's account on what's happening at JU

While returning home today I got stuck at Jadavpur Thana due to the police barricade put up to stop the ABVP mohamicchil from reaching the Jadavpur University gates. Since there was no way to move ahead, I like everyone else(there were a lot of people) was stranded in the Thana crossing.

Then came the orange flags and the "Bharat Mata ki jai" chants. There was a truck, carrying the ABVP 'student' leaders, and hoards of mostly male supporters carrying placards and posters of Swami Vivekananda and Rabindranath Tagore. I wanted to hear their side of the story, and since I couldn't really return home, I unfortunately heard what they had to say.

One burly guy, warned the students of JU to practise their politics within the campus and if they ever tried to practise it outside 'char nombor' gate, he would chop their legs off, and that he would go to any extent to make the 'anti nationalist' students of JU nationalist. And he emphasised 'any extent' over and over again.

The next neta was even better. He said that the students of JU try to cover up all incidents by alleging molestation. And that an erudite, learned V.C was lost because of this. Then he continues by asking the crowd if the student who was molested had seen herself in the mirror. Women like her don't get molested. Beautiful women get molested, demure women get molested, Sundar and sushil are the other words he used to describe the women who are molested. 'Amra erom meyeder molest kori na'. All this while people around him were chanting "Bharat Mata ki Jai".

This wasn't the scary bit. The scary bit was when two women in the crowd nodded their head and said, "bhalo bolche."

By condemning these acts of ABVP, student protest is going on at Jadavpur.  They are raising slogans against this acts with peaceful protest. These are some slogans happening over there.

Hooliganism is their activiity.
Fascism is their ideology.
They came again to show their lumpency.

And, we again flooded the street resisting them.
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I belive that we have come across the debate of PARTY-POLITICS free campus durinng the time of HOKKOLOROB.And I think that the kolorob version of INDEPENDENT students was far far better than the version of some "Nationalist" students who has hatred towards Dalit,Muslim or any kind of criticsm beyond their version of nationalism (which is also a rss version though).Kolorob holds far better and stronger ideology than RSS.So,please try to enrich the debate otherwise don't make joke of the debate

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