Jisha Rape and Murder case: The Silence Towards Injustice is baffling

The rape and murder of a Dalit girl, Jisha, from Kerala shook the conscience of not only the state but also the entire country. It raised the pertinent question as to how much has changed since Delhi's Nirbhaya incident.The death of 29 year old Dalit law student at Kuruppampady village of Kerala opens up the debate.

Jisha Rape and Murder case: The Silence Towards Injustice is baffling

For over a week, there was a dreadful silence over the diabolical act of rape and murder of a young girl from Kerala that brought back grizzly memories of the fateful Nirbhaya incident in Delhi. What has changed for women since then? Have the authorities taken up women security and welfare seriously since then? The spate of incidents involving violence against women does not show any stringent measures put into place to ensure protection of women and their well-being. The lackadaisical approach of the security forces like the police is still evident till date. The culprit is still at large.

The Kerala police complaints authority chairman Justice K. Narayanakurup has criticized the police team probing the Jisha case. Narayanakurup said the inquiry has been progressing in an unprofessional manner. He said the police did not take measures to preserve the crime scene. Also, he saw red as a result of the haste shown in granting permission to cremate the victim's body.

Only recently women's rights groups and human rights groups protested outside Kerala House  demanding justice for Jisha. Her father suspects that someone who had known her well and her schedule had committed the crime. Negligence and callousness on the part of police has been highlighted as the main cause behind the incident. The rape and murder was brought to the public only after 4 days of its occurrence through social media and news. Since then, this brutal act is the burning topic all over the country. The incident resulted in the people to rise up in protest. Protests demanding to bring culprits to law were staged across the state.

The lackadaisical attitude of our police force can be pointed out as the root cause of such immoral crimes. The police have submitted the evidence collected from Jisha’s house directly to the court without even getting through sufficient scientific testing and studies. And then the evidences were collected back from court through special request for more detailed scientific testing. The higher police authorities reports say that they will be relying completely on  scientific grounds , but still now the evidence is not strong enough to implicate the accused. Mathrubhumi News has also revealed the involvement of a local leader in the murder of law student Jisha.

The mismatches in the evidences collected like fingerprints, sketch of accused, police statements collected from neighbors complicate the case. The evidences collected so far don’t help police to draw any conclusion or nab the culprit. Police has pointed fingers at nearby migrant workers as well apart from the usual visitors at Jisha’s house including neigbours.

Since after the Delhi rape case ‘Nirbhaya’ our government has promulgated new laws and fast track courts to hear rape cases. It's time take stock of the situation. The law of the land is for everyone notwithstanding caste, sex or economic background. Police reforms are the need of the hour. What was the impact of Nirbhaya case on our society?? Did it make the society a safer place for women? Did the judgment in that case make any of the sexual offenders think twice about what they are going to do?? The answer to these questions is no!

Acts of aggression and violence against women need to stop for our society to become more progressive. Let not Jisha’s case vanish in the tide of time. Whether 'Kerala's Daughter' will bring any change in the state of affairs is still to be seen. The state government and police force needs to nab the culprits and bring the guilty to the book for rape and murder of the Dalit girl to avoid being left red-faced.