Kanhaiya Kumar: 'We are anti-RSS, not anti-national'

''Noorru Chuvappan Abhivadyangal''

Kanhaiya Kumar:

Kanhaiya began his speech by first saying 'Abhivadhyangal' (greetings) in Malayalam and then shoutin 'Nooru Chuvappan Abhivadyangal' to the crowd gathered over there.

Kanhaiya Kumar came to Pattambi, a place in Kerala where Mohammed Muhsin, his mate in Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) and a student activist contesting election. who looked visibly tired on account of the ongoing hunger strike in JNU, said he did not want to address an election campaign. "However, Muhsin, my dear friend, is contesting in Pattambi. He had been in the forefront of the JNU protests," he said.

“This government in the last two years produced 1.34 lakh jobs," he said. "We ask questions for the two crore unemployed youth.” He said in his speech

By mentioning the anti national accusation by the right wing medias' he said that ''“But we refuse to buckle and will raise the questions again and again. We are anti-RSS, not anti-national''

Kumar also stated that, 'Pattambi is the Place, where EMS Nambuthirippad won the election, and this place we have to fight for protect democracy'

Thousands of people gathered for the campaign and they chanted slogans with Kumar