Thomas Isaac is the face of Kerala's new politician

Thomas Isaac is expected to implement some of the development initiatives carried out in his constituency at the state level after the LDF wins power

Thomas Isaac is the face of Kerala

He is so confident of his victory that he has started fulfilling his pre-poll promise.

In the run-up to the election, he had declared that he would plant a jack fruit sapling each, for the majority of votes he would get in his Alapuzha Assembly constituency.

In a Facebook post on Thursday, Kerala's former finance minister Dr. TM Thomas Isaac said he has  resumed the plantation drive after the 16 May ballot to attain the target of  15,000 saplings.

Isaac claims that he had already planted about 10,000 jack fruit saplings prior to the notification of the election.
In his post which has been liked by nearly 27,000 people and with over 6,000 shares (at 11:35 pm local time), Isaac is so sure of his victory.

The central committee member of the CPI(M) has already decided that his victory procession will start by 12 noon on Thursday, the day the votes are counted.

During his victory parade, Isaac claims that he will visit all the 17 zonal election committees in his constituency.

Isaac also states that he will collect all the flex sheets used for his election bill boards.

The economist turned politician had used flex boards in a big way for his election campaign. But he had responded to a call for adhering to a green campaign. Isaac and his poll managers had announced that they will take back the flex sheets and recycle the same to make grow bags. They had even offered to take back the flex sheets of the opponents too.

He also expresses his gratitude to all those who worked tirelessly to ensure his victory.

While thanking his voters, Isaac also states that he will work hard to implement the constituency development plan he had presented to the voters before the election.

Isaac's campaign team is confident that he will double his margin from the 16,000 votes he got in the 2011 election.

Isaac has successfully implemented various initiatives in agriculture and social sector through peoples' participation.

He has bipartisan acceptance and many see him as the face of the new Left in Kerala. He has authored several books on Kerala's development. Some of these have been criticized by his own comrades saying that they are a deviation from the party's ideology.

Much before his comrades took to the social media, Isaac has used Facebook to connect with the masses. 'Facebook Diary,' a compilation of his notes has been published as a book, last month.