KP Yohanan's hypocrisy exposed through his first book

While he spends millions of the donation money received from US and Canada on social programs in India, KP Yohannan criticizes them in his first book back in US. What would you call it if not hypocrisy?

KP Yohanan

KP Yohannan, the self appointed chief of the Belivers Church, stands exposed after the release of his first book "Revolution in World Missions," which is ghost written by Bill Bray. In this book he has criticized social programs like hospitals and schools although he has used donations from the west and directed these funds to make hospitals and schools in Kerala like the Believers’ Church Medical College and Hospital and Caarmel Engineering School. His organization Gospel for Asia (GFA) also sponsors a soccer team in Myanmar.

National newspapers in the past have reported how Gospel for Asia, headed by KP Yohannan, siphoned off charity money close to $94 million. He has used the faith of millions of people in humanity and in Christianity as a means to build an empire for himself circumventing all the laws of the country. In an article posted earlier on Narada News, we have revealed how he has used the charity money collected from USA and Canada to build a family empire.

"Far too much of the resources of North American missions is spent on things not related to the primary goal of church planting," he states in the book. These 'things not related to the primary goal' are social programs. He has explained in the book: "One issue involved one of the most far-reaching policy decisions I ever would make. For some years I had suffered deep pain over what appeared to be massive imbalance between our busyness with maintaining Christian institutions, like hospitals and schools, and the proclamation of the Gospel. Both in India and in my travels around Western countries, I constantly uncovered a preoccupation with so-called “ministry” activities operated by Christian workers, financed by church monies, but with little else to distinguish them as Christian."

He writes in the book that many churches and mission societies now are redirecting their limited outreach funds and personnel away from evangelism to something vaguely called “social concern.” Today the majority of Christian missionaries find themselves primarily involved in feeding the hungry, caring for the sick through hospitals, housing the homeless or other kinds of relief and development work, the book says.

Interestingly, he himself is directing donation money to the church he runs to run hospital and schools and other for-profit businesses. A North America based religious and spiritual website by the name of Pathoes has extensively covered and revealed the for-profit nature of KP Yohannan's 'charitable' activities. Also, a brief perusal of the websites of these institutions shows that KP Yohannan is in fact running these.