Kurien asks Swamy to produce documents,Congress says he is lying

In a stern message to BJP leader Subramanian Swamy, Rajya Sabha deputy Chairman P J Kuries has asked him to produce documents quoted during Agusta Westland debate failing which his comments would be expunged

Kurien asks Swamy to produce documents,Congress says he is lying

Rajya Sabha Deputy Chairman P.J. Kurien has asked Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) member Subramanian Swamy to produce documents he quoted from in the AgustaWestland debate by 6 p.m. Friday to avoid expungement of his comments. The issue was raised by Congress leader Jairam Ramesh. "I want to know have the papers been authenticated?" he asked.

To this, Kurien said: "I have given the direction... He has to do that otherwise all what he quoted will be deleted. If he is not doing by 6 p.m. today (Friday) all he has quoted will be deleted."

Congress had demanded that Swamy authenticate the documents he quoted during a debate on AgustaWestland in the Rajya Sabha.

Meanwhile, As the Upper House awaits the authentication of the documents submitted by Subramanian Swamy (the deadline is 6 pm), Congress senior leader Jairam Ramesh says lying is in Subramanian Swamy's nature.

Ramesh's statement is in response to the Rajya Sabha chairman asking Swamy to authenticate his documents before 6 pm. If that doesn't happen, the chair said, his remarks made on Wednesday, would be struck off.

As the Upper House adjourned for an hour, Subramanian tweeted: Met Parriker and congratulated him for a smashing speech in LS. Will meet him again after satisfying Chm RS on docs authentication done.

Swamy, who debuted as a Rajya Sabha member last week, led the ruling BJP's attack on the opposition Congress on the chopper deal in which bribes were allegedly paid by Anglo-Italian company AgustaWestland in India when the Congress was in power.

The Congress hit back at Swamy calling him "diabolical and twisted". "He suffers from an obsession...that's why he keeps quoting the wrong country. It reveals your twisted mindset. It is diabolical. I cannot come down to your level," Congress leader Anand Sharma said, speaking right after Swamy during a debate on alleged bribes by defence manufacturer AgustaWestland to swing a contract for the supply of 12 helicopters to India.

Swamy's debut speech in Parliament was full of indirect attacks at Congress president Sonia Gandhi. "Before even Dr Manmohan Singh, she should be interrogated first by the CBI," he said. Without taking her name, Swamy referred to her as "a super cabinet" and a "higher authority than then PM Dr Singh". (IANS & Agencies)