"Live tweets" of CIA on Osama raid draws flak

CIA's decision to recreate the day Osama bin Laden was killed through tweets draws flak on social media. Terming the decision as �celebrating the killing� and a "distasteful victory lap�, netizens have come down heavily on the American spy agency's new �PR exercise� five years after the midnight raid killed Al Qaeda chief was killed

"Live tweets" of CIA on Osama raid draws flak

CIA's decision to recreate the day Osama bin Laden was killed through tweets have been slammed as "distasteful" on social media. Many users termed the decision as “celebrating the killing” and a "distasteful victory lap.”

But the American secret services would not have perhaps known that the “PR exercise,” coming five years the operation, would not be perceived negatively.

Bin Laden was killed on May 2, 2011 after a raid by CIA in Pakistan's military town of Abbottabad.

He was shot dead in "one of the greatest intelligence operations of all times", CIA director John Brennan said in a statement, labelling the raid "a masterpiece of planning and execution".

To mark the anniversary, the Spy agency tweeted the “live updates” of the raid as “it were happening today.”

CIA had announced to its 1.33 million Twitter followers on Sunday that they will be tweeting live updates of the "historic day."  The daring raid was re-enacted through a series of nearly 20 tweets.

Dubbing the raid and subsequent murder as “culmination of years of complex, thorough and highly advanced intel operations & analyses led by CIA with the support of [intelligence community],” the tweet praised the operation as “significant victory of the US.”

It also gave diagrams of the compound in which America's most wanted man was  hiding  and the encounter that led to his death. The tweets have also followed a chronological order starting from the operation being approved by US President Barack Obama, CIA director Leon Panetta and vice admiral William H. McRaven of the Joint Special Operations Command.

Meantime,  the  tweet in which “Osama was killed” has gone viral and had been re-tweeted 3,100 times and favourited 24,00 times at the time of writing.

However, the series  of tweets have sparked a huge backlash on social media. Defending the tweets a spokesperson of CIA told in a statement to the ABC that it was not the first time the CIA had marked historical events on social media.

“The takedown of Bin Laden stands as one of the great intelligence successes of all times. History has been a key element of CIA’s social media efforts,” CIA spokesman Ryan Trapani said.

“On the fifth anniversary, it is appropriate to remember the day and honor all those who had a hand in this achievement.”

Some people went too deep enough to give a slap on CIA by asking their role in funding ISIS

Meanwhile, on the  fifth anniversary of the historic day for the Americans, many celebrities and public figures have come forward criticizing the Bin laden Operation. Seymour Hersh, the Pulitzer-Prize winner investigative journalist said that the claims that the Al Qaeda leader was caught by CIA surveillance is “a fiction constructed by the Obama administration." He also raised doubts on the claim that he was killed in firefight.

Sohaib Athar, a Pakistani IT consultant who was awake that fateful night in Abottabad  had tweeted from his @Really Virtual : “Helicopter hovering above Abbottabad at 1AM  a rare event).”  “Go away helicopter – before I take out my giant swatter.”

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