Modi’s foreign visit cost Rs 117 Cr this year

Modi visited 20 countries last year which cost national air line Rs 117 Cr.

Modi’s foreign visit cost Rs 117 Cr this year

Prime minister’s foreign visits cost Rs 117 Cr. in 2015-16. It is a 20 % increase from the previous year. Last year Modi visited 20 countries including Russia, France, Germany, Korea, Mongolia,  China, UAE, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Turkey. Last year the national carrier spent Rs 108Crore on air travel for the prime minister’s foreign visits. This was disclosed by Air India in reply to an RTI.

Last year Air India spent Rs 108 Cr. by Air India for prime ministers travel to foreign countries. Modi visited 12 countries in his first year in office. That included Bhutan, Australia, Myanmar, Fiji, Japan, Seychelles, Brazil, and Mauritius,

Last April was  the most expensive tour of the prime minister, when he visited France, Canada, and Germany which cost the state exchequer Rs 31 Cr. His trip to China Mangolia and Korea cost 15Cr.

Air India does not disclose how much money it spent when  prime minister took an unscheduled visit to Pakistan while he was coming back from Afghanistan to attend Nawaz Sharif’s grand daughter’s marriage.

This year prime minister has already visited Belgium, United States, and Saudi Arabia  and is expected to visit Iran this month. He will address US congress in his fourth visit to United States next month.