Movie Review: Angry Birds fails to tickle the funny bone

The latest Hollywood animation movie Angry Birds fails to live up to the expectations. Read the movie review to find out more....

Movie Review: Angry Birds fails to tickle the funny bone

Movie: Angry Birds

Directors: Clay Kaytis, Fergal Reilly

Cast: Jason Sudekis, Danny McBride, Josh Gad, Maya Rudolph, Peter Dinklage and Sean Penn

Rating: **1/2

Remember the days when the whole world was hooked to shooting birds out of slingshot coupled with seamless animatronics. Be it in the bus or the metro or in a standstill traffic, the iPhones, iPads and the smartphones always popped angry birds. So, if you are an addict of the old school game, then The Angry Birds movie can be your best deal this weekend. For all those who are not really a fan, the movie really disappoints and is meant to enthral young audiences only.

All is not bad with the movie, as there are plenty of laughs, especially in the first half as the film manages to stay light on its feet. The animation is fantastic, as the colourful and chirpy world of the birds is brought to life. This will undoubtedly thrill young ones in the theatre hall.

Red, the bird played by Jason Sudeikis is an angry loner, ignored by all with average looks and qualities, struggling to make a living in the bird world. He is a misfit among all his companions and is hated by most. The whole village is tired of his anger and that is when the village head decides to penalise him and orders him to go for anger management classes, but he fails terribly. With the series of events that follows post this, you will instantly fall in love with this rather insensitive character in the first half. Its the draggy second half about Red saving the world, that might question your presence in the theatre for a moment.

In an era when animation movies are not only meant for younger generations but for all age groups, it is just doubly even more disappointing.

In a nutshell, a funny movie trying hard to tickle your funny bone, but fails terribly. A one time watch at best, a lot is expected from its sequel, if ever made.