Need to whiten nails?

Stained or yellow nails are appealing, few basic tips to follow

Need to whiten nails?

Stained or yellow nails are appealing. Prepare a mixture of glycerine, rose water and lemon juice, eat well and more to get white nails, says an expert.

Bharti Taneja, a beauty expert, aesthetician and cosmetologist and founder-director of ALPS, suggests how:

* For turning your nails bright and white, try this super home remedy. Prepare a mixture containing equal amount of glycerine, rose water and lemon juice and apply this concoction on your nails after thoroughly washing it. Leave it for three to five minutes and wash it off.

* Massage your nails for 10 minutes after dipping them in almond oil every night before bed to make them stronger from within. The almond oil will nourish your talons; preventing brittleness, boosting nail growth and adding whiteness.

* Healthy nails are always white - so aim for maintaining optimum health of nails by eating right. These made up of keratin- a hard protein, therefore, it becomes important to have a wholesome diet containing necessary vitamins, especially, B-complex, vitamin-E; for boosting the keratin formation and keep your nails healthy. This will not only nourish, but boost the growth of nails too. So, aim for long and strong talons, by consuming B-complex enriched foods such as; fish, egg, beans, broccoli, milk and milk products, potatoes, red meat and more.

* Go for some eye-catching shades of nail paints. Also, very-in these days are that soak off nail-paints that last for 20 days and is very useful for those who complain of chipping nail polishes.