Next sequel of James Bond could star a woman

The new Mayor of London suggested that the next James Bond would be starred by a woman

Next sequel of James Bond could star a woman

The new Mayor of London suggested that the next James Bond could be starring a woman.

In an interview with HuffPost UK, Sadiq Khan, the Mayor said that Miss Moneypenny delivered by Naomie Harris in the espionage thriller could lead the role which "would be pretty good".


Amidst the rumours from the entertainment world that the Daniel Craig withdrew as 007, Sadiq wanted to update the sequel paralleling with the modern trendy world.

“How about a woman? A woman Bond. Rosamund Pike [a former ‘Bond girl’] would be pretty good. Naomi Harris would be pretty good...I know she’s got another role,” said Sadiq Khan.


According to Daily Mail reports, Craig has informed the James Bond makers that he won't be returning to the charter after the making of four movies.

The news reports say that  ‘Spectre’ Craig has reportedly rebuffed a huge glittery offer of £68million to appear in two more films as the MI6 spy agent, leaving the makers with no option but t find a new star to replace him to the movies.


The James Bond sequel has been heavily slammed for the past year over the stereotyping, but with the entry of Sam Mendes in the location the feminine counterparts have strengthened.

Miss Moneypenny, starred by Naomi Harris, conventionally M16's private secretary was given a promotion with Mendes taking over "Skyfall", making her one of the agents to be pairing up with the other stunt actors having to do some action.

Harris said earlier, “I was never going to play stereotyped roles, and I was always going to show women, and particularly black women, in a positive light… I’m a feminist, and it’s very important to me to reflect that.”

When Pierce Brosnan was 007, in the 2002 Bond movie ‘Die Another Day’, Rosamund Pike, the "Gone Girl" actress had played a role as Miranda Frost.

Khan also recommended that that the actor Idris Elba, his friend, could also take the chances of starring for the classical role as Britain’s most popular fictional spy. Elba came to the limelight through the movie "Stringer Bell".


The Mayor also did not forget to praise Tom Hiddleston, best known for his role as Loki in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, appearing in Thor and would be succeeding Craig in the next series.

“Idris Elba would be great. I think Hiddleston would be good as well, there are quite a few good candidates,” Khan said.

Tom Hiddleston

The Mayor jokingly pointed out that he wasn't apt to set foot into the shoes of James Bond. He said,“I’m busy for the next eight years, so as much as there will be a big clamour for me to go for it, I rule myself out.”

Daniel Craig, through his brilliant take over as M16 agent helped the makers take the sequel to hit the box office with a return of £2billion, helping MGM financially at the same time taking James Bond to a level elevating him to be a fictional super hero.

A Twitter system tool for marketing and PR, Visibrain has analysed the #nextbond and #nextjamesbond hashtags to work out the social network’s top hit list for the staring role.

Two out of the top three most influential tweets suggest that the next James Bond should be a woman, with the top tweet from Telegraph film critic Robbie Collin (@robbiereviews) suggesting Emily Blunt for the role.

Twitter’s top five front-runners:
Tom Hiddleston (1,964 tweets of agreement)
Idris Elba (1,167 tweets of agreement)
Tom Hardy (449 tweets of agreement)
Henry Cavill (324 tweets of agreement)
Michael Fassbender (231 tweets of agreement)